The Butterfly Sexual Position - The Cowgirl PositionThe folks at sent me a copy of a sexual positions book so that I could learn a few things.

I learned the name for this position.

The book said:

Sky-soaring butterfly:

The man is on his back with both legs extended, and the female squats on top of him face to face. The she advances with her hands his male tip into the jade gate…

People have written to me asking about the “Venus Butterfly Position”. I have tried very hard to find it. I have four sexual positions books now and could not find the Venus Butterfly Position. I think people might be a little confused because there is a butterfly position and then there is a vibrator called the “Venus Butterfly”. sells it. It looks like you might be able to wear it while doing this position, would that make a Venus Butterfly position?

This position is also commonly called the cowgirl position because the woman rides the man like a cowgirl.